The company specializes in precision plastic precision mold customization, serving world-famous brands.

Die room has advanced precision manufacturing equipment, such as chamir wire cutting machine of Switzerland, Mori precision CNC of Japan, kongze CNC of Taiwan, CNC-EDM of Switzerland & amp; Beijing, etc. Precision measuring equipment, three-dimensional, two-dimensional and height measuring instrument, spectrometer material measuring instrument, to ensure the quality and cycle of mold manufacturing. Product quality and precision. End customers: Volkswagen; Nestle coffee machine; Philips & nbsp; - lamps; Electrolux refrigerator; B & amp; O & nbsp; - sound; Bose & nbsp; - sound; nilfish - vacuum cleaner; Honeywell - smart meter; iRobot - Smart sweeper; miejia ecological chain - Smart furniture and appliances


We take "dare to develop, keep improving, quality first, customer first" as our pursuit, constantly improve, constantly pursue refinement, and provide customers with the most satisfactory products.

company culture

Customer concept: customer is the foundation of the company's development, customer-centered, respect customers, understand customers, lead customers, provide customers with quality products and services, and be customers' forever partners. Talent concept: talent is the company's most valuable wealth, attracting talents, cultivating talents, respecting talents, providing a good development platform for talents, making the best use of talents, and realizing the maximum value! Competition concept: dare to do, dare to meet the external competition, constantly expand the development space of the enterprise, so as to lead the product, technology, quality and service, and actively advocate healthy development Orderly internal competition, constantly stimulate the vitality and potential of employees.

Business philosophy: comprehensive development, standardized management, integrity management, reform and innovation.

Loyal to quality reform and innovation
Good faith management, customer-oriented
Serve global famous brands

Company environment

Zhongshan nide New Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

Nidexin has been engaged in injection molding production of precision plastic parts since 2013. The company specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of precision plastic parts. The company has 96 precision production injection molding machines, tonnage from 50t to 1300T, machine brands for Toshiba, Japan steel, Mitsubishi, Japan injection molding machine.

The factory has complete supporting facilities, including automatic feeding system, high gloss steam engine, three in one dehumidification dryer, steam assisted molding system, two-color molding machine and automatic spraying line.

The company is committed to building a high-quality, sophisticated and sophisticated one-stop service factory

High quality, fine technology and top quality products

Product range: & nbsp; Mika smart electrical products; digital cameras, printers, mobile phones, medical supplies, and other precision parts.

Willing to create higher value for customers, employees and the company.


ZhongShan KINFUNG Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Address: factory building in area a, the first and second floor of building B, 57 Huoju Road, Tanzhou town, Zhongshan City

Tel: 0760-86739683



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