Automobile mould industry needs to develop vigorously

Automobile and motorcycle industry is one of the five pillar industries of national economy. The rapid development of automobile and motorcycle industry has brought huge market for automobile and motorcycle molds. The automobile and motorcycle industry is expected to have more than 45 billion mold demand every year. The replacement of wood and metal by plastic mould will greatly increase the demand of plastic mould in automobile and motorcycle industry. The development of high-tech large-scale precision automobile and motorcycle panel mould and large and medium-sized interior and exterior decoration plastic mould is an important work of automobile and motorcycle mould in China in the future. The development of automobile panel die is focused on the medium and high-grade car panel die with high technical requirements, the outer panel die, the stamping die of high strength plate and unequal thickness plate, and the large multi position progressive die.

With the improvement of plastic material and its forming technology and process, the application of plastic products in automobile and motorcycle industry will become more common, which will inevitably lead to the great development of automobile and motorcycle molds. In order to play an important role in the international market, it is necessary to strengthen the integration of technology and resources in the whole industry. The development of domestic mold industry, in addition to relying on the industry, many need to improve the national policy, enterprise management and production materials and other mechanisms.

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